To SERVE OUR CLIENTS developing their projects as a team, according to the specified time and quality; ensuring a safe working place for its workers and keeping a special care to the community and the environment.


Marking the market prefer Víctor Contreras, based on the belief that it is the better ally to reach and maintain its goals.

Security, quality and environmental protection

The calue of our company relies on its human resources and on achieving the goals of our customers. Security, quality and environmental protection are the pillars of our activities.
By adhering to the management rules set by ISO 9001, 14001 y OHSAS 18001, the company guarantees a safe working place for its workers and the community.
Víctor Contreras remains well below average in accidents levels for this type of industry, based on the contribution and commitment of its workers, customers and suppliers.

Achivements are based on concrete actions such as:

.Permanent training of its employees.
.Adequate equipment for the protection af health and safety.
.Equipment maintenance and certification.
.Adequate risk warnings signs and strict adherence to security norms.
.Permanent health and safety auditing.
.Enviromental risk prevention.
.Suitable elements for prevention and control of spills.